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Anna Sui for Target

Often times when designers set out to create a new line, they look to a muse for inspiration.  Well, one muse is great and all but how about four!?  Anna Sui has taken cues from the hit show Gossip Girl to design her new, highly […]

Collab Alert! Anna Sheffield for Target

Love, love, love her!  She is such a bad ass in the sweetest sense of the word. Sheffield, who says she draws inspiration for her work from the streets of New York, is the uber name behind Bing Bang.  The high-end line is a coveted favorite […]

Hollywood Intuition for Target


Jaye Hersh’s baby, Shop Intuition has been a long time favorite of pretty much every “It” girl in Hollywood.  Pick up any trash rag these days and you’re sure to see Paris or Lindsay coming out of the store with an Intuition bag (or several) in their hands.  It is truly a one stop shop for all the latest trends.  Jaye somehow always seems to be one step ahead in knowing what’s hot right now or what will be a month from now.

Well as if she’s not awesome enough already, Hersh has teamed up with the uber retail chain, Target to launch a line of accessories to include sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, scarves, headbands and hats all priced from $2.99 to $29.99.  The line hits Target stores this Sunday, July 12th and will be available through November 1st.

As is evident above, the pieces are very fashion forward, yet still classic enough to take you through a few seasons.  Although, at prices points like these, you needn’t feel guilty for indulging.

Says Hersh, “We took the trends coming to the market and tried to make them accessible to the Target audience based on the celebrities that come into my shop.  I build my relationships with my customers and they keep coming back because they like my taste. I’m very approachable; I’m a working mom. That’s the Target customer. I’m not a designer; I’m actually a shopkeeper.”  So modest!

I smell a Target trip coming….. on Sunday!!!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you gotta love the fashion goin’ on here! If I ever had the luxury of meeting the man behind all of this, costume designer Eric Daman, I would literally bow at his feet.  He never ceases to amaze […]

Spring into Florals!

It may seem rather literal but florals are huge for Spring.  This is a trend that can very easily be overdone though, so it’s best to stick with just one piece.  Think bigger floral prints verses smaller which can be a bit too eighties, and not in a […]

McQueen for Target


My calendar alarm, set!  Cell phone alarm, set!  Bank account, set!  All systems are a go and on Wednesday, March 4th when his line hits stores, you better believe I will be there taking it all in and taking it all home!! 

As part of their Go International campaign, the retail chain Target has teamed up with legendary designer Alexander McQueen.   He drew inspiration for the Target line from his latest runway collection as well as the British rock band, The Duke Spirit.   When asked why he decided to do the line McQueen said he liked the idea of increasing his visibility here in the states and the fact that someone in the Midwest could purchase one of his pieces and take a bit of London home with them.  He describes the line as an eighties punk aesthetic that evokes the anarchy and social change of the time.

McQueen’s designs are raw, avant-garde and impecably tailored with an air of romance.