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Kate Cusack

So I was putting together my piece on Exposed Zippers and came across Kate’s site.  Since getting into this whole blogging thing, I’ve stumbled upon so many amazing designers on accident.  Makes me think I should have gotten into it a lot sooner…. Anyway, onto Kate! […]

Bibs: Not Just For Babies Anymore

You no longer need to be shoveling in spoonfuls of pureed plums to rock a bib – thanks to the bib necklace.  Loving this trend right now.  Throwing on one of these is the quickest way to breathe new life into your jeans and t-shirt. They’re […]

Bold Jewelry

As was very evident at NYC Fashion Week, bold jewelry is huge right now and will continue to be well into Fall/Winter 09. 

The only rule?  The bigger, the better!  Some of my favorites include this piece by designer Candace Ang for Urban Outfitters.  It’s sort of tough and feminine at the same time with it’s mix of metal and pink frills.


This cuff from Accessories & Beyond is definitely eye catching yet still toned down enough to wear with just about anything.


These earrings from Free People are a nice change from your everyday gold hoops.


One of my favorite places to find bold statement jewelry online is Ebay.  I’ve scored some really unique finds over the years.  In the real world?  Try looking for Estate sales!

Pennyroyal Silver

The story behind this company’s humble beginnings is both inspiring and incredibly endearing. Tim Foster comes from a musical background and worked for a major recording company for seven years before realizing he was itching to do something more.  He happened upon that something while […]

The Naughty Secretary Club

This chick is amazing!  Definitely an inspiration to me and I’m sure a lot of other women.  Founded by Jennifer Perkins (the lovely lady pictured above), Naughty Secretary Club includes a collection of kitchy jewelry and accessories all with a serious wow factor!  Everything is hand made by […]

House of Harlow 1960


A lot of celebs think that just because they’re famous and have their names to back them, they can do anything.  Like Jennifer Love Hewitt putting out an album for example….

Nicole Richie has managed to successfully make the crossover into the world of fashion though with her line of 60’s inspired jewelry named after her adorable daughter, Harlow.  Launched exclusively for the Kitson store in LA, the line has been so popular from day one that they’ve had trouble keeping the styles in stock!   The line starts at a mere $12 with the most expensive piece being $125.   There really is something for everyone too.   Whether you’re into silver or gold, skinny bangles or bold cuffs, if you like your rings to make a statement or prefer a more modest band, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.  Word on the street is sunglasses are next up on the list for Nicole! 

Loving this ring right now!  Got it last week and can’t stop wearing it!



***If you live in LA, you’re in luck!  On Saturday, March 7th, Kitson will be hosting a special meet and greet with Nicole herself!  Arrive early though as only 100 tickets will be sold.   To get front of the line access, you must purchase at least $75 worth of HoH merchandise — not that it’d be hard to do since the whole line kicks ass!  Good luck and happy shopping!


Alex and Chloe

Alex and Chloe create unique, one of a kind pieces that mix couture with an edgy sort of anti-establishment like feel.  Case in point, check out this necklace that inspired a cease and desist letter from Chanel. Their signature is simple yet effective – bold geometric […]