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Motorcycle Jeans

Every season, the denim gods figure out yet another way to breathe new life into the same old duds.  I myself never tire of jeans (I’m an addict in the worst way!) but this trend really has my motor runnin’…. It only seems fitting that I get my […]

Wishlist Items

This list is ever growing.  In fact, there are multiple lists, every growing…. Here are just a few of the items I’m currently drooling over: Love, love, love Siwy jeans.  The fit is ahhhmazing and for shorties like me, the crop length is perfect!  The […]

Your boyfriend's jeans look way hotter on you

James Devaney/WireImage

Who isn’t making a boyfriend jean these days?  

This trend is pretty literal actually.  Imagine slipping on your boyfriend’s most comfy pair of jeans to run out and grab the paper — now wear them for the rest of the day!  Slouchy, worn in and often cuffed since your boyfriend’s got a couple of inches on you.  Personally, I feel Current Elliott (Founded by celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott) really jump started this trend back in Summer of 08.   Their line dropped right around the same time we began seeing Katie Holmes sporting the look all over New York.



Now, brands such as J Brand, Joe’s and Paige Premium Denim have all ‘rolled’ out their own take on this hot trend.  (no pun intended!)



J Brand Boyfriend Jean in Vida wash style#1257
J Brand Boyfriend Jean in Vida wash style#1257
Sara Jessica Parker in Current Elliot
Sara Jessica Parker in Current Elliot
Paige Boyfriends
Wilshire Boyfriend Straight Leg Jeans in Rebel
Joe's Jeans Ex-Lover / Gemma Boyfriends



This style would look great with a pair of ankle booties or with a cute pair of flats.

Just experiment and have fun with it!

April 77 – Joey Jeans

April 77 was launched in 2002 by Frenchman/Drummer/Guitarist Bric Partouche who describes himself as more of a “Youth Culture Nerd” rather than a fashion designer. His obsession with early punk and new wave bands like The Ramones and Joy Division inspired him to create a range of jeans each named after his rock n’roll heroes.

Pictured to the side are our brand new “Joey” jeans named for the incomparable and often unintelligable Joey Ramone. Shame that Joey had to die to become both a street and a pair of jeans, but we’re gladly stuffing our ass into this tribute!

7 For All Mankind Ginger

When a company practically invents the Premium Denim market, as 7 For All Mankind did in 2000, no one expects them to maintain that market lead forever. In any new trend, a crowd of usurpers will gravitate towards the leader to siphon off marketshare and offer up similar designs and pricing in hopes to steal the crown away for a season or two.