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Anna Sui for Target

Often times when designers set out to create a new line, they look to a muse for inspiration.  Well, one muse is great and all but how about four!?  Anna Sui has taken cues from the hit show Gossip Girl to design her new, highly […]

Gossip Girl Fashion

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you gotta love the fashion goin’ on here! If I ever had the luxury of meeting the man behind all of this, costume designer Eric Daman, I would literally bow at his feet.  He never ceases to amaze […]

Alex and Chloe


Alex and Chloe create unique, one of a kind pieces that mix couture with an edgy sort of anti-establishment like feel.  Case in point, check out this necklace that inspired a cease and desist letter from Chanel.


Their signature is simple yet effective – bold geometric shapes and always unconventional. Think of an Alex and Chloe piece as wearable art – I’d call it modern minimalism.


I do!  In January, they launched their line of wedding rings exclusively at Revolve Clothings new flagship store on Melrose, in LA. Definitely not geared towards your traditional bride.


They’ve recently branched out into clothing as well and just like their jewelry, it doesn’t disappoint.


My Aphex pendant in bronze arrived in the mail today and I am absolutely smitten!  It arrived in a beautiful little package, complete with a special note from Alex and Chloe.


If you’re a fan of the show, you know that Gossip Girl is always on the cutting edge of fashion. Just check out Little J rockin’ Alex and Chloe’s Pyramide Pointure necklace.


Alex and Chloe have shaken up the jewelry world with their very own urban inspired aethetic. They started with jewelry, marched into sunglasses and moved right into some very innovative t-shirts.  I can’t wait to see what they do next!