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Love 21

The fashion chain Forever 21 is on a roll lately!  In addition to their regular lines, they’ve recently launched the much anticipated Faith 21.  Well up next is Love 21, due in stores May 19th.  The contemporary line will follow in it’s predecessor’s footsteps keeping up with the latest trends […]

Spring into Florals!

It may seem rather literal but florals are huge for Spring.  This is a trend that can very easily be overdone though, so it’s best to stick with just one piece.  Think bigger floral prints verses smaller which can be a bit too eighties, and not in a […]

The Clutch

Being a person who is known for carrying what seems like my entire life around with me, the idea of a clutch was a bit terrifying at first.  I soon came to realize however, that for a night out on the town there is just no other way.  Who wants to lug around a ginormous bag all night?  Not me! 

You don’t have to sacrifice money for style with this trend, just check out this one from Forever 21.  Very fashion forward with the geometric shapes but at $22.80, it certainly won’t break the bank!




Now you can take a little piece of the big city with you everywhere you go!  This bag is made from recycled NYC subway maps.  Do your part!  Eco accessories are the latest way to go green. 


Throw on your favorite LBD and accessorize with this fun clutch for an unexpected pop of color!


This straw Steve Madden clutch would be perfect for brunch with a cute little sun dress and sandals.