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Rich & Skinny Jeans

So what would happen if two of the faces behind some of the biggest, most influentional denim companies of all time got together and made jean babies? Enter Rich & Skinny with an explosion of color! That’s sort of their thing…..

Michael Glasser, genius designer and co-founder of both Seven For All Mankind and Citizens Of Humanity (still two of my personal favorites) teamed up with Joie Rucker founder and designer of Joie Jeans and former Vice President of design for both Guess and Levi’s launched the brand about 2 years ago. Feeling somewhat uninspired by the boring sea of blues out there, they wanted to breathe new life into the denim market. With over 50 years of experience in the denim industry between them, they managed to do just that! Celebrities are absolutely smitten with this line and have been spotted all over the streets of New York and LA rockin’ them in various styles and colors. The “recently spotted” list reads like a who’s who: Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff, Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and Beyonce just to name-drop a few…

April 77 – Joey Jeans

April 77 was launched in 2002 by Frenchman/Drummer/Guitarist Bric Partouche who describes himself as more of a “Youth Culture Nerd” rather than a fashion designer. His obsession with early punk and new wave bands like The Ramones and Joy Division inspired him to create a range of jeans each named after his rock n’roll heroes.

Pictured to the side are our brand new “Joey” jeans named for the incomparable and often unintelligable Joey Ramone. Shame that Joey had to die to become both a street and a pair of jeans, but we’re gladly stuffing our ass into this tribute!

7 For All Mankind Ginger


When a company practically invents the Premium Denim market, as 7 For All Mankind did in 2000, no one expects them to maintain that market lead forever.  In any new trend, a crowd of usurpers will gravitate towards the leader to siphon off marketshare and offer up similar designs and pricing in hopes to steal the crown away for a season or two.  

Rachel Bilson rocking a pair of Gingers at the CVS
Rachel Bilson rocking a pair of Gingers at the CVS

The fashionistas of print and their gossip-rag celebrity counterparts will constantly seek out newer brandnames and fresher labels in order to ride on the cusp of an ever-thrashing wave of emerging designers.  The natural order of a trendy market dictates that the goose in front must eventually slide to the back of the formation in order to give the next bird in line some time at the lead.

Over the past 9 years, the Premium Denim market has become crowded and Seven has expanded into menswear, tops, accessories and *insert groan* a line of premium denim for children.  Even though they are growing into other markets, they haven’t lost their roots and continue to churning out quality denim in fresh styles and perfect fits.

Last year they dropped the Ginger flare leg jeans and slapped them right onto some prime Hollywood asses.  We picked up a pair and fell in love with the fit and feel.

The good news for you?  7 for all Mankind is busy pushing out their line for 2009, so if you hurry, you can pick up a pair of Gingers for almost half off.