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Parmesan Tilapia with Nutty Brussel Sprouts

Tilapia 4 tilapia fillets 2 wedges of The Laughing Cow Light Cheese 1 cup grated parmesan cheese salt and pepper Preheat oven to 375. Blot your fillets to remove any excess water.  Combine parm, salt and pepper on a large plate. Spread your fillets with […]

Cheesey Chicken Quesadillas

This is the best way to use up leftover chicken and throw together a weeknight meal in minutes. 2 cups leftover chicken breast, chopped 1/4 red onion, sliced 2 wedges of  The Laughing Cow Light Cheese 1/2 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend 2 whole wheat […]

Apple Turkey Burgers


So thanks to Hungry Girl, I’ve been informed that May is National Hamburger Month.  In honor of this, we will be posting a different burger recipe every day this week.  With Memorial Day just around the corner, I’m sure a lot of you will be hosting and/or attending cook outs.  Hopefully these recipes will be helpful!  Enjoy!

  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 1 apple, 1/2 grated for the burger, 1/2 sliced to top (I used a Braeburn apple)
  • 1 tbs dijon mustard
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tsp minced onion
  • 6 slices of turkey bacon
  • A few slices of fancy cheddar cheese
  • 1 toasted kaiser roll

Place turkey bacon under broiler and let it go about 5 minutes.  Flip and cook an additional 5 minutes.  I did this in my little toaster oven but if don’t have one, and your broiler gets screaming hot, you may want to cook the bacon on 450 instead of broil.  Set the bacon aside to cool.

Combine all the burger ingredients in a medium bowl and separate into 4 patties.

Heat a skillet on medium and spray with non stick cooking spray.

Cook patties about 4 minutes each side.

Top each patty with cheese and cover with an aluminum foil tent.  Allow about two minutes for the cheese to melt.

To serve, top with apple slices and turkey bacon.  We put mayo on our buns but I think this would be awesome with a shmear of apple butter!

Chicken Stack, Chicken Stack

  Homemade chicken sausage patties, heirloom tomatoes and low-fat cheddar cheese.  This little stack is sure to satisfy almost everyone while keeping the fat and cholesterol on the down low.  Pair this with a salad and serve it up at your next brunch.    Directions […]