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Hollywood Intuition for Target

Jaye Hersh’s baby, Shop Intuition has been a long time favorite of pretty much every “It” girl in Hollywood.  Pick up any trash rag these days and you’re sure to see Paris or Lindsay coming out of the store with an Intuition bag (or several) […]

Born Uniqorn

Photo courtesy of LA.com Born Uniqorn is a collaborative effort by actress BFF’s of many years Taryn Manning and Tara Jane.  The message behind their line is to be true to yourself, or be unique, hence the quirky spelling.  Says Tara  “We design for the girl on […]

My Fashion Muses

When I’m feeling uninspired or fashionally challenged, I look to these ladies for inspiration.

Ashley Olsen has a style all her own.  Which isn’t easy to achieve when you’ve been blessed with your very own doppelganger.  Casual, cool and confident, she always leaves me wanting more.

Ashley Olsen ashleyolsen 

Kate Lanphear is the uber chic Senior Style Editor for US Elle.   Her looks often include lots of black and/or neutrals.   Her clothes are impecably tailored and she knows how to put together one hell of an emsemble.   No one’s questioning how Kate got her job!

Kate Lanphear
Kate Lanphear

Leighton Meester’s style exudes sex appeal but in a flirty, girly sort of way.  She often reminds me of an old movie star.  She has that whole understated glamour thing down pat.

Leighton Meester