Kitchen Tools

The Joys of Discount Shopping

  Some people collect stamps, others are into fine wines. Me? I collect jeans, shoes, various cosmetics, assorted kitchen tools and gadgets.  James and I love going to stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross to check out the home goods sections for new paring […]


So, maybe you’re like a lot of people that really enjoy stomach aches, intestinal parasites and the unrelenting flood of painful diarrhea that can come with improperly cooked foods…let us just say right off the top that the thermapen is NOT for you.

ChefsChoice 130

Face it, you need knife sharpening and the ChefsChoice 130 electric sharpening station made by Edgecraft dumbs down knife maintenance to the point that jokers like us can recover a razor sharp edge with just a few minutes of painless work.