90's Revival

Ah the 90’s …. Many a day was spent in my room, fueling my teenage angst by listening to bands like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails or Rage Against the Machine and pouring over the latest issue of Sassy magazine (R.I.P.) My fashion choices mainly consisted of gross […]


While I”m loving all the menswear inspired pieces that are so hot right now, there’s just something so uniquely feminine about the look of lace.  This timeless material evokes glamour and elegance.  You don’t have to channel Madonna circa Like a Virgin, just add little […]

Trend: Mixed Media

mixedmedia mixed’-me’di·a (mĭkst’mē’dē-ə) adj. A technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition. I like to think of this trend as the fashion equivalent of playing with […]

Motorcycle Jeans

Every season, the denim gods figure out yet another way to breathe new life into the same old duds.  I myself never tire of jeans (I’m an addict in the worst way!) but this trend really has my motor runnin’…. It only seems fitting that I get my […]


Embrace your inner bad ass by adding a little bit of hardware to your wardrobe.   Snaps, buttons, grommets and spikes are embellishing everything from hats to jeans these days.   Just be careful not to overdo it, one piece will deliver the statement.  Make sure you […]

Talkin' Tribal

Like every other pseudo rebel chick in the 90’s, I got the infamous “tramp stamp” aka tribal tattoo stamped on my lower back.  No regrets though, it was more than cool at the time and has since become very much a part of me just […]

Rules Schmules I Say!

Photo found by foundphotoslj You can’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day Do not mix black and brown or black and navy Never mix patterns   BORRRRING! Who made up these stupid rules anyway?! Listen up people!  Blacks, browns and navys are all neutrals and thus, […]

Trend: Cage Heels/Boots

We first saw this look on the Fall 2008 runway and it’s since exploded!  When YSL dropped their signature cage boot, everyone went coo-coo for the cage!  (myself included)  Strong, sexy lines make for a bold, look-at-me statement piece.  The grid-like pattern definitely packs a punch!  […]

Gossip Girl Fashion

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you gotta love the fashion goin’ on here! If I ever had the luxury of meeting the man behind all of this, costume designer Eric Daman, I would literally bow at his feet.  He never ceases to amaze […]

Current Obsession Du Jour: The Jersey Necklace

For some of you, this may conjure up terrifying images of dudes with mullets and chest hair, wearing their version of the Jersey necklace, a tarnished gold chain….. Well allow me to introduce you to the new (not New) jersey necklace. I’ve got three of […]