90's Revival

Ah the 90’s ….

Many a day was spent in my room, fueling my teenage angst by listening to bands like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails or Rage Against the Machine and pouring over the latest issue of Sassy magazine (R.I.P.)

My fashion choices mainly consisted of gross amounts of plaid, big pants, (the bigger the better) overalls, and the occasional baby doll dress – always worn with my Doc Martens.  Mary Janes were also a staple in my wardrobe as were my baby doll shoes (often referred to as China doll shoes).

Many call the 90’s the decade of Unfashion.  This is true in many respects since this is when grunge first came onto the scene.  The look was inspired by Seattle rock bands that weren’t trying to be fashionable so much as functional (it gets damn cold up there!).  Following the release of Cameron Crowe’s film “Singles” in 1992, the grunge look exploded and soon found it’s way into the homes of many a teenager – myself included.   Grunge was unkempt with lots of layers and quite androgynous.  I distinctly remember my mother telling me I looked like an old man.  This is because all of the clothes I owned were about 10 sizes too big and at some point, I’m quite certain, were in fact owned by said old man.

On the complete flip side of fashion, shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place were gaining popularity and the characters from these shows sparked many a trend.  Think lots of Lycra, big, bold floral patterns, body con dresses and leggings.   I didn’t take to this trend at the time since I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin so I certainly wasn’t comfortable showing any to the world.  I did however, completely envy Brenda, Kelly and Donna and thought that them, and their clothes were the coolest.

Well I never thought I’d live to see the day (and so soon) but the 90’s are back in a BIG way!

That’s right, Doc Martens, baby doll dresses, overalls, plaid and body con dresses; it’s all back and I for one am excited!

u neck long sleeve aa dress

gingham dress

Nolita Overall in White

rose dress forever 21

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