ravens vs. redskins

so james and i have a tradition.  he’s a die hard redskins fan and while i personally could give a crap about football, i love making yummy snacks, apps, dranks and desserts for him to enjoy while watching the game.  and while it’s only pre-season, last night it was my hometown vs his so i decided to put together a special themed menu to represent each of our home town teams.

you can’t have football without beer and james and i are both beer freaks…. loose cannon (based out of MD) hop 3 ipa and starr hill (based out of VA) northern lights ipa.

va was representin’ with these yummy virginia peanut and panko crusted chicken nuggets.  sooooo good and so easy.

and bmore was in the hizzouse with these crab and corn, old bay nachos.