lobel’s sweetheart steaks


lobel’s, the famous meat market in NY has the perfect gift to honor your someone special this year – meat!

who wouldn’t love to receive a ginormous steak in the shape of a heart?  well, maybe not a vegetarian.

choose from a 20 ounce boneless strip or rib eye, cut into an adorable heart shaped carnivorous concoction.

choose from prime, natural prime, or dry aged wagyu.  

nothing says lovin like a giant slab of beef.

and if you wanna get extra fancy, throw in some chocolates…

Author: Gretchen

Gretchen is a fashionable foodie who has a never ending love of neutrals and an obsession - like needs a 12 step program obsession - with denim. She loves to eat, cook, drink beers (and other boozy things!). She currently lives outside of Washington, DC with her husband James and their three dogs, Nugget, Sylar and Simcoe.

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  1. I was at my local Publix grocery store the other day in FL, and they had steaks cut like this in little heart shaped plastic meat trays!

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